Type of Visa: Conference Visa
Period: For the duration of the conference or seminar

Indian visa are issued to Foreign Nationals in accordance with the purpose of their visit. All foreign nationals intending to participate in a Conference, except those of Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives, are required to obtain an Indian VISA. VISA application form is available at the office of the Indian Embassy in the capital and other major cities of each country of your residence. All NRIs/PIOs, including children (who don’t possess Overseas Indian Citizenship or Persons of Indian Origins card) need to apply for VISA in separate VISA forms.

Tourist Visa on Arrival in India

India is an incredible country and to make tourists from different countries visit it easily, the Indian Government is putting efforts to make the process convenient. Entry for applicants is eligible from nine selective international airports of India. Another important thing to be noted is that the applicants must apply for Tourist Visa on Arrival of India from their respective countries

There are over 150 countries who may apply for e-visa. Typical time of decision is 5 working days. There are five countries under a separate list (Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Sudan and Iraq). Typical time of decision is 2 months.

More information regarding the visa on arrival available in this link

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